Making Requests

26 Jul 2012 2:00 PM | Anonymous
We make requests all the time. Sometimes they’re obvious.
“Can you take out the garbage tonight?
“Can you pick up the kids after school tomorrow?”

Sometimes they’re not so obvious.
“We need a stronger social media presence.”
“The dishwasher is broken.”

The second set is more like statements or observations. When made in the presence of others, questions come up as to what next.
“What does a stronger media presence mean?”
“Do you want me to call the plumber?”

Effective leaders make requests clearly and with intention. They may begin with an observation but eventually get to action they either take or delegate. However, even the best of us get tripped up in the process. Why? Because we’re:

•    Rushing.
•    Assuming the requirements for success are clear.
(Pick the kids up at 3:30 pm sharp. If you are 3 minutes late they charge you. Pick them up in the front by the main doors.)
•    Don’t know all the details ourselves.
•    Feel badly asking someone to do something for us.
•    Not clear what is needed ourselves.

Next time you make a request, check in with the person who you are making a request of to see if it is clear. Exercise patience. Chances are the one short on clarity is you!

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