Fact vs. Belief

25 Oct 2012 12:36 PM | Anonymous
“You are crabby today!”
“Bob is a bully.”
“Janet is so smart.”

We make assessments all the time. Our judgments, beliefs, experiences and opinions inform these assessments and guide our actions. We make assessments about others and others make them about us. To test this, take a quick minute to reflect on what pops up when you read this article. An encounter this morning as you left the house? I thought about a coworker? Now that you have that thought, what aspect of the situation was an assessment – what you interpreted – vs. how much is based in fact?

Untangling the differences can be harder than you think!

As leaders, we can quickly get pulled into by our assessments before we have all the facts. When a staff member approaches with complaints about a coworker, are you taking the time to ask enough clarifying questions and hear all sides? This thoughtful leadership will be appreciated by all and show positive results quickly.

Next time you find yourself reacting, slow down and determine if its facts or beliefs that are guiding your actions.

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