Sanctuary of Mind and Body

23 Jul 2013 12:45 PM | Anonymous

When we hear the word “sanctuary” we often think of places. Churches, temples, mosques, or reserved areas like those preserved to protect wild animals. In these places we expect there to be quiet, light, perhaps physical objects or spaces that encourage contemplation and reflection. We also expect refuge.

What if we could have similar expectations of sanctuary in ourselves? What if our own mind and body were considered places of refuge? What if we were able to retreat to this “place” at any time where we could access quiet, light, reflection and contemplation?
In the fray of everyday life, we all have this option. As leaders, when we open the door to sanctuary we lead with more clarity.  We lead with intention. We lead by listening and hearing better. We lead by having a practice and a place to come back to. We do this by stopping, accessing our breath and scanning our minds and bodies to check in with where we are. We take time to refocus. We reflect on what we're feeling and thinking and how our beliefs align with the facts.

Then, if we're ready, we can continue forward knowing that the door is always open.
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