Declarations Keep Us Focused in Times of Overwhelm

13 Dec 2013 11:50 AM | Anonymous
This time of year is ideal for reflection. Even though we’re busy with holiday parties, gift giving and end-of-the-year planning and travel, our routines are shifted, our priorities tested and the new year of fresh starts beckons.  
What's important?
How am I doing?
What do I need/want to change?
What can I stay grounded and focused?
How can I find calm, clarity and focus in times of overwhelm?
By having a declaration.
What is a Declaration?
In The Leadership Sanctuary, we ask leaders to make a declaration or commitment to hold themselves to throughout the 10 month program. These declarations are:
  • A commitment to a future possibility.
  • A critical skill of leadership. Whether we are referring to leading our own life or leading others, leaders set a vision for the future and express it in a way that galvanizes and motivates others.
    Think about the American Declaration of Independence.  When it was written, it described a future that did not yet exist.  Without this declaration the democratic system we now live in would not have come to reality. Or, Martin Luther King’s  “I have a dream” speech.
  • Concrete conditions of success, practices, committed listener and/or customer, action steps, etc. Not a hope, wishful thinking, proclamation, or fantasy.
Ask yourself, "What within me wants to be realized?  What is it that I am committed to bring to life/ be/ do?  What vision do I have?

A strong way to frame a declaration is to say, “I am committed to….”
Examples of Declarations:
  • I am committed to creating a sustainable environment in my neighborhood.
  • I am committed to ensuring our middle school is recognized nationally for curriculum.
  • I am committed to merging with a similar organization to create sustainable after school program in my ward.
Why Have Declarations?
A declaration is a guiding force.
An anchor when we’ re being pulled off course.
A tool for maintaining focus and setting boundaries.

As leaders when we have a clear commitment, we stand up physically and emotionally with more conviction and confidence.

  Nelson Mandela

Putting Declarations to Work
Speaking a declaration can be a powerful experience, especially if you let your supporters know about it. It can be exhilarating and freeing to some and scary for others. Either way, action is required and daily practice is the best way to bring a declaration to life.

Once you have a declaration, try repeating it out loud daily for at least 45 days and experience how it influences your day. Check in with whether your body and breath is aligned with your thoughts. If not, ask yourself what needs to change in order to find that alignment.
Try making a declaration this holiday season – one that will serve you in coming months – and see how you feel.

If it’s a commitment to drinking more eggnog, enjoy!

We toast you this holiday season!

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