Building Sanity into the Holiday Season

22 Dec 2014 1:35 PM | Heather Kaye (Administrator)

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones for whom this time of year is, as the song says, “The most wonderful time of the year.” It certainly can be. It’s also a time of end-of-year deadlines, many holiday activities, travel and an abundance of celebration. All of which can drain our energies and up the stress levels. How can you stay centered and maintain good self care during this time of year? It's so easy to let good habits slide when times get hectic, and of course, no one is perfect.

Let's take a moment to contemplate how to build sanitary into this holiday season and be more relaxed, inviting and filled with the sentiments of the season.

We all have some favorite traditions, but every year is different. There are changing circumstances and, well, life happens. We sometimes forget to get in touch with the core of what we really want. A few years ago, I determined that attending holiday events that allowed me to really connect with people I love, experience special music and share some yummy delicacies would make me the happiest during this time of year. Setting this intention fills me with inspiration and the true spirit of the holiday season.

Setting reasonable limits with time, energy, food and money can also help lower anxieties. It does take forethought, but it can be well worth a few minutes of planning. You know yourself better than anyone. Plan your time in line with what nourishes you. What do you want to do and with whom? What feeds you? Literally and figuratively. Staying mindful of our wants and needs then saying “no thank you” when necessary goes a long way toward maintaining balance.

No mater how resilient we may normally be, it’s great to have extra downtime. Little breathers and healthy sleeping are so important for rejuvenating both mentally and physically. Taking a fifteen minute walk can loosen up your body and clear your head. It may even be the time of year for a power nap if you become overly fatigued or are in sleep deficit.

May you have a nourishing time as the year comes to a close and embrace everything in life that brings you joy.

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