Tip 17: Let Stress Melt Away

09 Dec 2015 1:16 PM | Heather Kaye (Administrator)

One of my favorite ways to let stress melt away is this simple exercise, which you can do either sitting or lying down:

  • Feel the support of whatever is holding you; really give way to it and let all of your muscles relax.
  • Allow the chair, bed or floor to completely support you.
  • Feel the sensation of being held in all the places that are touching the chair, bed, or floor.
  • Take three deep breaths, and let all your tension go on each exhale.
  • Then imagine yourself with someone, doing something or being somewhere that brings you joy.
  • See it, taste it smell it, feel it in all the cells of your body.
  • Take three more deep breaths and let the joy-filled sensations enter and inhabit your body. Enjoy these sensations, and notice any shifts in your mood and body.
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