Tip 39: Are you happy?

20 Mar 2017 11:58 AM | Heather Kaye (Administrator)

Happiness the world over 
Today is International Happiness Day. How happy are you? The World Happiness Report, released today at the UN, now includes an entire section on Happiness at Work.

Increasingly, happiness is considered to be the proper measure of social progress and the goal of public policy. 
World Happiness Report, 2017
Four things that nonprofits can do to create a thriving work environment
Why are nonprofit employees unhappy? Because they work in environments that, and for bosses and with colleagues, who squelch “happiness.” (See Creating Sustainable Performance)These are free and practical suggestions:
  1. Give employees the discretion to make decisions. Too tight a rein and you dampen vitality.  Uncomfortable with this seemingly open-ended invitation? There are tools for that!
  2. Share information throughout your organization, rather than dispensing it as if were something that needed to be earned to know.
  3. Love this one:  “minimize incivility.” Truly, did we need scholars to tell us that working in an uncivil workplace isn’t a recipe for happy workers?
  4. Provide performance feedback. Not the stuff formal stuff that comes with paperwork and formal meetings and is all too frequently, and wrongly, tied to compensation, but the small stuff, the good stuff—and the bad.
Four thing you can do to increase your own happiness
Be conscious about your own happiness list. If you don't have one, start here:
  1. Take breaks for renewal. Not talking long, but long enough to break out of the mire, breath and come back a bit refreshed.  So, take a stroll, meditate, read something relaxing, do a crossword.
  2. Take it into your own hands to make your work more meaningful; don’t sit around waiting for something to fall into your lap.
  3. Look for and seize those learning, growth opportunities. Even in flat, small nonprofits, there are opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and do something different.
  4. Stick with satisfying, energizing relationships at work; ditch the ones that take you down.
Daniele Quercia: Happy maps
You may enjoy this wonderful video about taking the happy route. Another easy way to choose happiness over expediency.
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