The Power of Practice, Part IV

20 Oct 2011 2:32 PM | Kathleen Loehr

The Nike ad of “Just Do It” is relevant as we take on intentional practices. Or, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.”

When we began this series on The Power of Practice, I noted that we are what we practice. So practice is how we transform ourselves. We make a commitment to BE an athlete (Nike), or a musician (Carnegie Hall), or a powerful leader (TLS readers). We don’t make a commitment to DO, but to BE. And we can’t expect to BE our commitment in the heat of the moment in an athletic competition, or on stage, or inspiring our organization – it won’t show up if we’ve not practiced, regularly, through all the hard moments, the “I can’t do this” doubts.

We step into our leadership with the commitment and expectation that we can transform our organization to achieve even greater results for our mission. Yet transformation starts with us. What transformation inside yourself are you longing for, willing to go full out for? That is your commitment. And what is happening inside you that stops your from reaching for that vision or going full out? That is your gap. And then, what new practices are you willing to take on, do regularly, despite doubt and resistance yet always come back to? That is your path to personal transformation. And whom can you share this with? That is your support along this new path.

Your transformation is indeed possible if you practice with full presence. Pay attention to what is showing up in your emotions, the stories in your head, your physical sensations and breath. All that noticing is giving you feedback in real time to make adjustments. It was in the not noticing that we were doing our default practices. With our full presence, we are consciously committing to show up in the world differently, and making that happen minute by minute through repetition and intentional new choices. And it is in sharing with vulnerability our path that we gain a second pair of eyes to see what we cannot see about ourselves, to gain even more input on how we can more powerfully align our behaviors with our vision.

Your action?  “Just Do It.” Begin today, with wherever you are, to BE in the commitment you've chosen, to start your practices, and to seek a colleague or friend to support you on your path with honest feedback and peer support. And please share - let us know through your comments how you are doing. Your sharing helps build our community of powerful leaders as we learn from one another.

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