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  • 09 Sep 2015 5:30 AM | Deleted user
    Try this meditation technique:
    • Close your eyes.
    • Take a deep inhalation and mentally repeat this mantra: I am bountiful, beautiful, blissful.
    • Exhale out all the air and mentally repeat this mantra: Excel, Excel Fearless.
    • Repeat until you have done this for at least one full minute. Try for three if you can.

    Notice how you feel? Calm, happy? Do this regularly, and your mind will learn to maintain this state consistently.Laura Palmer, Author and CEO of Bridgenosis, Check out her blog post on how one of her clients resolved employee tension, delegation issues

  • 02 Sep 2015 5:29 AM | Deleted user

    The next time you are on a walk, look at the trees and note the differences between them. Pay attention to:

    • The texture of the bark
    • The shape of the leaves
    • The graceful arch of the branches
    • The spread of roots above ground
    • Interesting features, like lichen or moss
  • 26 Aug 2015 5:58 AM | Deleted user

    Something on your mind? Are you stuck in a situation? Take a pen and two pieces of paper.

    1. Write down everything that bothers you about your situation on one piece.
    2. Write down everything positive about the situation.
    3. Look at List 1 of Negatives: For each one, think of the positive opposite and write that on our List 2 of Positives.

    Example: “My budget is too small.”  Is on your negative list. So, you write on your positive list: “Large prosperous budget providing all we need.”

    Do this for every negative statement and then cross off the negative statement.

    1. When you are done, shred the negative list. You have just trained your mind to find solutions to the problems.

    Notice over the next few weeks if solutions start to unfold.

    Thanks to Laura Palmer Author and CEO of Bridgenosis, Check out her blog post: How to know when Persistence is NOT paying off.

  • 18 Aug 2015 4:22 PM | Deleted user

    It is hard to be truly happy when we want something or want to get rid of something. By always thinking about what we want or don’t want, we see our lives as imperfect and incomplete.
    Instead, look for happiness in the imperfect. Sure, we might really want an exotic vacation. We might not want the extra five pounds that always seems to be saddling our waists – but ask yourself:
    Will that really make me happier?
    What are all of the things I am happy about?

  • 11 Aug 2015 10:10 PM | Deleted user

    Want to be more focused and productive? Easy. Try this meditation technique for one minute.

    • Close your eyes.
    • Take a deep inhalation and think about taking in as much joy as you can. Some people picture being in a peaceful place. Others think about a time when they were happy. It’s enough to just intend to breathe in joy.
    • Exhale out any and all suffering, stress, doubt, or other negative thoughts or emotions.
    • Repeat until you have done this for one full minute.

    Now, get back to work and see if you have a different perspective on your day or a problem you were trying to solve.

    Thanks to Laura Palmer, Author and CEO of Bridgenosis, Want to sample Bridgenosis? Download their kindle book, How to Remove Kryptonite and Activate Your Leadership Super Powers: Complete with Audio Mindshifter and Video.

  • 04 Aug 2015 11:23 PM | Anonymous

    When you can feel the stress building up, practice some quick stress-relieving activities. My four favorites are:

    1. While standing, legs slightly apart, swing your arms and body
    2. While laying down, stretch your arms as far above your head as you can and your feet as far away from your body as you can. Then relax. Repeat 5 times.
    3. High step in place, as if you are in a marching band
    4. While sitting or standing, tense and release muscles (especially neck/shoulder, jaw, tummy, forehead, hands)
  • 28 Jul 2015 4:44 PM | Deleted user

    Sometimes we get stuck in a rut during the day. So much to “do” and accomplish. Sure, our logical brains are helpful with this, but we also need the creative brain to play a role. Best way to activate that is to infuse a little joy and gratitude.

    Here is a very valuable one-minute disruption: Stop, take a breath, and write down three things you like about yourself.

    Good job! Now, get back to work. Notice how the rest of your day goes after taking this easy step.

    Thanks to Laura Palmer, author, CEO of Bridgenosis. Laura is an employment attorney turned hypnotherapist.

  • 21 Jul 2015 11:53 AM | Anonymous

    We are launching a series of Sanctuary Tips—quick, less than five minute, exercises to bring Sanctuary into your daily life.

    With our busy lives, it becomes habit to think about four things at once without even paying attention to what we are actually doing. Instead of living in the moment, we end up living in our head.

    Make it a point to focus on one thing at a time, starting with the daily tasks you perform every day:

    • Brushing your teeth
    • Feeding the dog
    • Spreading butter on toast
    • Pouring coffee into your mug
    • Waiting quietly for the elevator
  • 22 Dec 2014 1:35 PM | Heather Kaye (Administrator)

    Maybe you are one of the lucky ones for whom this time of year is, as the song says, “The most wonderful time of the year.” It certainly can be. It’s also a time of end-of-year deadlines, many holiday activities, travel and an abundance of celebration. All of which can drain our energies and up the stress levels. How can you stay centered and maintain good self care during this time of year? It's so easy to let good habits slide when times get hectic, and of course, no one is perfect.

    Let's take a moment to contemplate how to build sanitary into this holiday season and be more relaxed, inviting and filled with the sentiments of the season.

    We all have some favorite traditions, but every year is different. There are changing circumstances and, well, life happens. We sometimes forget to get in touch with the core of what we really want. A few years ago, I determined that attending holiday events that allowed me to really connect with people I love, experience special music and share some yummy delicacies would make me the happiest during this time of year. Setting this intention fills me with inspiration and the true spirit of the holiday season.

    Setting reasonable limits with time, energy, food and money can also help lower anxieties. It does take forethought, but it can be well worth a few minutes of planning. You know yourself better than anyone. Plan your time in line with what nourishes you. What do you want to do and with whom? What feeds you? Literally and figuratively. Staying mindful of our wants and needs then saying “no thank you” when necessary goes a long way toward maintaining balance.

    No mater how resilient we may normally be, it’s great to have extra downtime. Little breathers and healthy sleeping are so important for rejuvenating both mentally and physically. Taking a fifteen minute walk can loosen up your body and clear your head. It may even be the time of year for a power nap if you become overly fatigued or are in sleep deficit.

    May you have a nourishing time as the year comes to a close and embrace everything in life that brings you joy.

  • 27 May 2014 11:25 AM | Anonymous


    We are very sad to report the passing of a cherished leader in our nonprofit community, Richard Jaeggi, Executive Director of the Ghandi Brigade. 

    Richard was deeply committed to serving youth in Montgomery County, Maryland and to being the best leader he could be. He was a participant in The Leadership Sanctuary program and expressed his appreciation for the daily practice of centering around what is most important and how to show up every day with a clear intention. 

    We express our condolences to Richard's family and friends as well as to the community of youth and their families so positively affected by his kindness, compassion and thoughtful leadership. 

    For more information link here:

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